Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Welcome to the world...Rex Alexander Rubis

On Saturday we broke the rules and took the boys to the hospital to see the Rubises' new addition, Rex Alexander Rubis.  His dad, Steve Rubis, went to college with Stephen and me.  Steve Rubis has been a close friend of ours for some time and was in our wedding.  It was such a treat to hear they were expecting last April and even more exciting to meet their little guy who is two months younger than Georgie!  In the last few months several good friends from CUA have all had children.  We joke that our kids (Schatz/Sneeringer, Rubis, Reynolds) will all be in class together at CUA.

Rex Alexander Rubis was born on Friday (12/10/10) at 11:03pm and weighed 8"13.  His mom was in labor for over a day before he arrived.  Way to go Liz!!!  Here are some pictures of Rex and his family!

We wish the Rubis family a very Merry Christmas, health, and a lot of sleep-filled nights!  Over the next few months a lot of babies will be joining the world and we can't wait to meet them all.  

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