Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shopping....Get out of my way!!!

So on Friday the boys (S and G) and I went shopping to polish off the last items on our holiday list.  Thankfully I can say that I am almost finished with my holiday shopping but during our trip to Tyson's, I felt like I was on a marathon.  I had a list and felt determined.  I found myself walking quickly and being a bit of a Christmas scrooge.  This got worse as I got further into my list.  Stores are not made for huge strollers and navigating, rushing, and steering gets exhausting after awhile.  I mean couldn't the people see I had two kids and a huge stroller, get out of my way!

The height of my scroogeness came at Barnes and Noble after purchasing several items I asked the cashier if they could wrap my gifts.  He replied that he could not wrap my just purchased items because he did not know how to wrap.  Really?  Doesn't the guy know its the holidays?

As my scroogeness continued I felt myself beginning to become a bit entitled.  As I rushed, almost taking people out with my stroller, I had to stop and remind myself that I had chosen to have two kiddos after all.  I finally found myself reminded of the holiday spirit when we were in LL Bean and Stephen began to get fussy in line.  While waiting at the register people in line started making faces and smiling at him to distract him.  It was sweet to see how people came to my rescue and helped distract my grumpy toddler!  Happy shopping.

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  1. You are brave going to tysons with two kids around christmas!i won't do it even though I don't have kids!