Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday party-very scattered but a lot of fun!

As a pseudo stay at home mom, play groups are a great way to meet friends and get the kiddos socializing with others.  We started participating in a great play group over the summer and we are having a blast.   Moms who stay at home with their kids can tell you any reason to have a party is a good one.  So the group celebrates the holidays together.  Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with our friends.

The party was a great success!  I, on the other hand, was a disaster with the kiddos.  I rushed to get out of the house after oversleeping and was so forgetful (why is 10am too early for us!!!).  Running around the house I had to pack up Stephen and George and wrap the gift for our secret Santa, which I had forgotten to do the night before.  We arrived to the party on time but Stephen's clothes were soaked from breakfast, George had an incident with his diaper (he was covered in poop), and I forgot to bring Stephen any snacks.  To make matters worse, I had no clothes for Georgie to change into.  Ahh.  I felt like such a forgetful mom.  Luckily, I had lots of friends to help and was probably hardest on myself.  My Mom later told me that being a mom with two kids under two was like swimming with the waves, better to go with it then try to go against it.  So today I am trying to be a little more forgiving.

Here are some of the pictures from yesterday.  There were sixteen kids at the party and fourteen moms.  Stephen had a blast with his friends and loved his secret Santa present!  Thanks to all our friends for making it such a fun day.  Here are some pictures from our day:

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  1. Whose house is that? That woman's a saint! How many children under 4 are on that couch? It's white. Does she know that? Otherwise, very cute. Enjoying your blog immensely.