Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cape May!

This year for my birthday, Steve planned an impromptu trip to Cape May, New Jersey.  As I have written about in the past, Cape May, is very special for me.  I grew up going there and have lots of family connections, which makes it all the more special.  It is truly one of my favorite places so when Stephen suggested we go for my birthday, I couldn't resist.  It was a bit of an adventure--eating out all our meals and the four of us in one room, but we had a blast and the boys actually slept.  It was cute because on one of the first mornings they both woke up and talked to each other.  Little Stephen asked about the different odd noises in the room (air conditioning, mini fridge, etc) and Georgie responded that the noise was a "Woodpecker."

After the drive up we went to Louie's to get pizza. Georgie, who was thrilled to be out of the car, loved the jukebox.  He's dancing in this picture!

Georgie Man on the beach.  The little boy who is fearless did not really love the beach.  He called it the "sandbox."

The boys playing in the sand.

Stephen LOVED the beach.  He loved digging, the ocean, and playing with all the sand toys.

Awkward family photo. 

Stephen at dinner.

Cute Georgie face!

The Stephens enjoying time on the beach.


Nanny and Georgie.  My Mom, who grew up going to Cape May and whose parents owned a summer home there for many years, came for two nights.  This let us visit with friends and have a date night on my birthday.  Thanks, Mom!!

Playing with Nanny.

Date night.

Stephen outside of our favorite beach rester ant.

After dinner we walked on the beach.  What a great trip!  Can't wait to get back!!!

Farmer's Market

 We went to our first Farmers Market of the season last week.  The boys got a kick out of it and we got some really yummy stuff!

Afterward, we went to the playground for some fun with friends!

The boys loved seeing the turtles!

Georgie fed the turtles.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where did you go.......

Hawaii.  We have been hearing that a lot recently!  Unfortunately, we did not go to Hawaii and that is not why I have been so absent from blogging these last few months.  The boys have started running around the house playing and when you ask them where they went they reply "Hawaii."  We have no idea where this came from, but it's been pretty funny.

At the beginning of March, I decided to start my own private practice in Fairfax.  I have been so busy with all the work building up to renting an office, signing a lease, and then getting started.  It's been a crazy few months for our family with that and taking on a lot of work in DC!  Thankfully, and after a lot of discussion with Steve, we have decided that the amount I was working was more than we wanted for our family. Now, I am going to only be focusing on my practice, which will be very part time.  I am enjoying being back at home with the boys and feel like I am finally catching up with myself.  I have so missed blogging all of our adventures over the last few months!  I will catch everyone up as I go along!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Celebrate Fairfax!

This past weekend we went to Celebrate Fairfax with the boys.  Not being from this area, Steve and I had never been and I was adamant that this year we were going to make it there.  Stephen was thrilled about going to the fair, so on Sunday, we got up early and actually made it there before they opened.  We ended up staying most of the day. By the end, little Georgie was so tired he was not making any sense!  We had a blast.

Stephen was so brave and jumped on the horse and didn't look back at us!

Georgie saying "hi" to the horse.

Georgie rode with a little help from Daddy.

Stephen rode in the bumper boats.

Georgie and Mommy on the train.