Thursday, December 2, 2010

Giving this a try!

When our oldest son was born I contemplated creating a blog.  My husband was sceptical (he always is a little sceptical of the things I want to try) that I would be able to keep up with posts.  I was nervous that I might not have enough interesting stuff to write (I still think that might be true!).  After a year and a half, another baby, and lots of contemplation I decided that I might as well give it a try.  So, lets see how this goes.  Mostly, I thought it would be fun for family and friends to check out what we are up to and a nice memory for our little guys and us as we move through the years.

I have spent the last few weeks checking out friend's blogs and contemplating a name for our blog.  Finally it came to me!  I never imagined that I would be surrounded by so many boys-Stephen, Little Stephen, and George.  Both my family and Steve's are the exact opposite.  Hopefully, my blog will share a little of our/my adventure as I navigate outnumbered by boys.

So, I hope this is a way to keep up with our little guys as they grow and change.  I also hope this will a fun way for me to talk about our life, our opinions, and our adventures together.  More about our family to follow!


  1. Yeah! Welcome to the blogosphere. :)

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  3. Love the name of your blog Edith! Looking forward to keeping up with your family!

    ~Jennifer Tyson