Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brooks Family Party

Every year since I can remember on the first Saturday of December I went to the Brooks Family Party.  My grandfather, Jack Brooks, was one of seven children-Rodney, Rodgers, Jack, Frank, Harvey, Gill, and Mary Rodney.  He and his siblings got together every year in December to celebrate the holidays.  As the families grew so did the party.  Now sadly only one sibling remains but the Brooks family continues to meet to celebrate the holidays.  The party, as you can imagine, has become very large but is a fun way to start the holiday season.

This is a picture of my grandpa as a young man.

All seven children.

My Great Grandfather, Rodney Brooks.  I have been told he was a very warm and wonderful man.  Looks like he was having a good time with his kids. 

My Grandma (Edith Brooks-yes we all have family names) and Grandpa

This year was a special treat because it was George's first party!  He got to meet lots of family including a cousin, Noah (his Mom went to Bryn Mawr with me and was a year in between Tierney and I) who is just ten days older!  It was Stephen's second party and he enjoyed wandering around and checking out his family.  Here are some pictures from the party:

The Jack and Edith Brooks family!  We were the largest showing at the party.  This is not all of us, my Aunt Dede, Wyoming cousins, Aunt Vicky's chlidren, and sister are missing.  Poor George was not too happy in this picture and was screaming his head off.

Stephen Sr. and Jr. 

Lindsley, George, and me

We had a great time and I feel grateful that I can continue a tradition that has always marked the holidays with my own family now!   

How do other people celebrate the holiday season with their family?


  1. The blog has been a lot of fun...congrats on yours!!! Your boys are beautiful! xx

  2. Hello. Seems I am having trouble posting a comment so let me see if this works.

  3. It worked. Yes! Edie, I like your blog and hope you keep it up. Your family party looked like a nice time. Big group. I also enjoyed the photos. We find out tomorrow about the race. Fingers crossed!