Sunday, March 20, 2011

A weekend of parties and Catholics.

After being stuck in the house for far too long due to illness and winter (I was worried we might be heading down the road to becoming hermits!), we got to enjoy this beautiful weekend with some of our friends from college hence the title "Catholics."

First we got to spend some time with Sean, Jack, and Denise at a great St. Patrick's Day party.  Two years ago we went with Stephen's birth looming and none of our friends had had any kids yet.  Now there were tons of kiddos and Stephen had a great time running around.  Its also fun to reconnect with old friends because Sean and his wife Denise are now virtually neighbors!

Matt, Josh, Sean and Jack.

Old friends and kiddos.

And today we got to visit with friends to celebrate Rex's baptism! 

Nina and Georgie.

Liz and Rex, Nina (disclaimer George is not Nina's child, he's ours- we were worried this might cause some confusion!), me and Stephen

Georgie testing out Rex's toy.

Nick and Stacy.

We had a great weekend.  Its nice to enjoy the beautiful weather and for the Schatz family to finally be hitting their stride again after a few intense months.  Welcome Spring!

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