Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hello City, Tierney, and Happy St. Patrick's day!

We got to spend our typical Thursday with Tierney in the city.  With Stephen's ever-expanding vocabulary he has started to name family members.  He calls his Grandpa (Grandpa Greg) "GG" and has started calling my sister, Tierney, "T" or "TT."  He often talks about them, probably because I do.  For St. Patrick's Day we got to go to see "TT" and spend some time out in the beautiful weather.  It's always a fun day for me because I get to be with three of my favorites.  Stephen especially loved the day because he got to have some yummy gelato!

Stephen and T.

How much is left in here anyway?

Georgie enjoying some giraffe!

Happy Baby and T.

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