Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And we are back!

I am happy to say (keeping my fingers crossed) that both our kiddos are FINALLY better and we are returning to normal life and our fun routines.  After more than two weeks at home and double ear infections for both boys, I can say that things were a little crazy around here.  This is how we spent most the two weeks.

Keeping an active toddler sedated due to illness is not easy work.  The more Stephen moved around the more he coughed and the sicker he got!

Steve and I were able to sneak out one night for a long planned outing to the Caps game with my sister, brother, and significant others.  I had never been to a game before and both my brother and sister in law are big fans.  Here are some pictures of our fun night out, over two weeks ago now!

The girls.

We called this the "gimpy" ticket.  This ticket actually got us into the game.

The sibs.

This picture was originally called "significant others," however, Joe felt unhappy with this term and coined it "Spouses and Joe."

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  1. Glad the boys are feeling better. Hopefully spring will be a better season for you guys. You got some pretty good pictures from the game. Love your new blog header!