Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lots of changes....

You might be wondering where we have been lately and what we have been up too. Well, it's been a busy time around here as we prepare for Baby Girl to arrive. We have been slowly making changes around here, which was mostly started by George who decided this fall that he would not sleep in a crib anymore. We transitioned him to a bed and since then we have been preparing for our "little sister" to come. Last week, Georgie officially moved into Stephen's room (now their room) and started sleeping in a big boy bed. It has definitely been a transition for both the boys, who were not crazy about the idea of sharing, and full of lots of tears, middle of the night wake ups, and early mornings.

Since moving the boys in together, we have moved Georgie's clothes in with Stephen's, made space in their new room for both of their things, and painted our soon-to-be arriving daughter's room pink. We still don't have a name for our little lady, but her room is well on the way, her clothes are in her drawer, and the closet has been cleaned. It is crazy to think that she will be here in about six weeks. So much left to do--we can't wait to meet her!!!

Along with all the changes the boys have been really interested in caring for babies, why babies cry, and what their little sister will be like. For Christmas, Little Stephen got Georgie a baby Elmo (he knows his brother loves Elmo). Since then, they both have taken to caring for Elmo. Here are some super cute pictures of them taking a nap with Elmo when he was tired and crying one day!

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