Friday, January 6, 2012


It has taken me a bit to get to this post because I am struggling to accept that this holiday season is over already.  We had such an amazing time and the boys, especially Stephen, loved the holiday!  December was truly a special month.

We saw Santa and there were no tears!

Cousins meet!

Stephen meets his nephew.

Sprinkling reindeer food.  Our friend, Katie, made this for us!  She is so creative.  Thanks, Katie. 
Stephen and his "smiley face."  Stephen never smiles in pictures but we figured out if you ask for his "smiley face" he will make this cute little face. 

Chloe holds Benjamin.

Milk and cookies.

Santa and Georgie.

Georgie loves Elmo.

Aunt Erika made this hat for Georgie!

I got a new lens for Christmas!
Silly face.

Like father like son.

The boys wearing sweaters made by Grammie!

The Schatz boys!

Cute little guy.

Brooks family photos...

Yes, the whole clan! 

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