Thursday, December 29, 2011

We are back, atleast I think so....

So after having unending computer problems for way too long it looks like things might be working again around here. There is so much to catch up on.  The month of December feels like a whirwind of celebrations, decorations, and fabulous times with friends and family.  In order to avoid endless posts I am going to catch up in one post.

We decorated:

TT and Joe came to help.  Tierney has helped us decorate our tree each year since moving to our house shortly after Stephen was born.  Its a nice tradition.

Our little Georgie is Elmo obsessed.  Elmo got put in the tree while decorating.  Georgie loved it!

A little helper.

We tried to take a family picture...

We played with ALOT of trains.  Stephen loved the set "Grandpa, Grandpa" got him.  He was a great conductor!

More train watching....

Big shoes to fill...
We partied:

It is crazy to see how much bigger all the kiddos have gotten since last year!
We played outside:

These are some of our adventures before we headed to Baltimore for Christmas.  More pictures to come but for now this is a good start.  I hope everyone's Christmas season was as wonderful as ours, its amazing how fun it is with the boys!

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