Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A trip to GG and Nanny's House

My parents moved at the beginning of June to a new house that is heaven for their grandchildren because they have a pool!  We have had a great time visiting them when we got to sneak away for a few extra days this summer to spend some time with them.  Stephen and Georgie really love the water.  Our visit was fun-filled as we got to swim, visit a dairy for fresh ice cream and see newly born piglets, have a special lunch with Grammie, and went to my brother's house to have dinner with him, Erika, and Chloe.  Hooray for fun trips!

He is really a fish in the water.


Steve and GG (Grandpa Greg) with some help from Christopher built a playhouse for the boys!

Steve hard at work.

Stephen loves the house, complete with a phone.


Little feet.

The boys, Grammie, and my Mom.

A little prisoner happy to be home again!

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