Sunday, August 28, 2011

An earthquake and a hurricane.

Wow, we really had a week full of natural disasters.  Luckily, for us there was not much physical damage to house with either.  After this week, I have concluded that mother nature is both terrifying and wonderful and that everything with children is all that more scary.  For instance, the earthquake was frightening because I was worried for the boys who were both asleep in their cribs.  I worry less for myself and more that something will happen to the boys and I will not have control.  What a scary week for us. 

House after the storm

We got a lot of rain!
Hanging out during the storm.

Staying busy.

We all got a little stir crazy.  Georgie was feeling so crazy he thought about eating Ernie.  Oh wait, all babies do that!
Finally, the storm is over and we can get outside!
Stephen is learning to do the swings on his own.

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