Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grady gets baptized!

This weekend was a Schatz family first. All four of us flew to Connecticut to finally meet Baby Grady. We made it to Ct. with few problems although we got some pretty bad looks from our fellow passengers when we got on the flight and Stephen (Jr.) started crying and saying "no ai-plane." Luckily, for us and everyone else that was short lived. Stephen was fine once he sat down. It was pretty cute to watch him look out the window in amazement as we took off. It is so fun to watch him become his own person. Georgie who flew with us to Florida a few months ago was content on the flight and even took a little cat nap!  Our trip was also very special for Big Stephen who was asked to be Grady's Godfather, a true honor for him. 

Stephen meets Baby Grady for the first time!
Grady has an important call.

Uncle Michael playing with George as he calls Stephen.

The Schatz boys!

Georgie being happy!

Grady gets baptized!

"Hey cuz"

I thought this was a great picture of Stephen!

Grandma and Grandpa Schatz and the Schatz/Miglietta Family.
We had a great trip and are so thankful to the Miglietta's (Britt's parents) for putting us all up for the weekend. We can't wait to see Mike, Britt, and Grady again soon!!!!

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