Thursday, February 17, 2011

New adventures in composting.

Along with cloth diapers, the Schatz family has started composting.  We have anxiously been awaiting the arrival of our composter.  We first got the idea for a composter last year when we had a small vegtable garden.  Steve did a lot of research (is anyone surprised?) and finally selected the Ecomposter.  Steve put it together with a little help from his mini-me.  The composter was surprisingly hard to put together and took roughly four hours.  I am lucky to have a very handy and patient husband.  We made it a family event and went outside to get it all set up and add our first bits of composting material.

Getting ready.


Hey, what is this thing?

And adventures in composting have begun.

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  1. wow...cloth diapers and composting. Doesn't really sound too Republican over there Edie!