Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little Georgie eats!

Since all of our craziness, I have not been so good about blogging.  Life is calming down now and will shortly return to normal (I am about to be able to shower, wash my own hair, oh the joys!) I can finally catch up on my blogging.

In the midst of everything the last few weeks, George has had some really exciting developments!  At his four month check up at the end of January, George weighed in at nearly 15 pounds and 27 inches long.  The doctor was a little concerned about his weight gain, which has slowed, and said that we should start food. 

A few days later we started some oatmeal, and Georgie, well, he was not so sure about that stuff!

Grandma helping get ready for his first solid meal.

Georgie is not so sure.

Me trying to reassure him.
And finally Georgie has started to roll.  A lot of big things for such a little guy in just one week.  Way to go, George!


  1. Aww, way to go Georgie. I miss you guys!

  2. aw, your mom looks great! being a grandma suits her very well!!