Thursday, January 13, 2011

A weekend of football

We got to spend the weekend with some of our favorite people watching football.  As most of you know, we are Ravens fans.  Steve never had a team growing up and our first year dating the Ravens were terrible so we were given a lot of tickets to games.  We ended up going to about seven games that year and Steve slowly became a Ravens fan.  It also helped that one of the first times Steve met my family, my step dad told him that if he became a Colts fan he would not be welcome in his home. 

Ironically, we spent most of the weekend with Colts fan.  But have no fear all my fellow Baltimore fans, little Stephen wore his Ravens shirt.  Lots of our oldest friends are Colts fans.  For years we have played on a summer Congressional softball team, the Hoosier Daddies, which Steve helped start when he worked for a Congressman from Indiana.  We are able to put aside our differences in professional sports teams for the most part!  However, we have decided that we wouldn't watch playoff games together when the Colts and Ravens play one another!!!

Here are some pictures from our fun night.  Thanks to our friends, Sara and Ben, for having us and to our friends for letting us crash with two little people in tow.

Georgie in his gear.  Stephen wore this same outfit last fall!

Anne, Colleen, and Sean.  Congrats to Colleen and Sean, who just got engaged!

Teresita and Nick

Stephen in his gear playing with DVD's

Hanging out with friends

Me and my little fan :)

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