Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brotherly love!

My fear about starting a blog is coming true-I am running out of interesting things to say.  The holidays and fun are over and now we are left with the cold (very cold) weather and short days.  So here is a little of the of the most interesting things going on with us!

Over the last few weeks as George has become more intereactive, Stephen has been taking more interest in him.  He often shows George his toys and tries to hand him things, which usually just results in him leaving the toy sitting on George.  This morning after getting up Stephen went to find George and the two immediatly began to smile at one another!

One of the funnier things that has started to happen is that Stephen steals, tries to help, and sometimes shares his pacifier with George.  He often begins to yell "uh oh" everytime he loses it.  This happened the other day in the car when Stephen started yelling "uh oh" with a very serious look on his face.  Here is a video which sums up our life with two under two.  Stephen gets a little too exicted toward the end and tries to hug George.  Poor little guy got hit on the head but was fine after his initial upset.

Some other cute photos from the week:
Big boy eating at the table

Stephen stealing the pacifier

So cute!!!


  1. Your boys are so cute Edie! It's nice they are so close - they will be great fun for each other.

  2.'re like a month in, don't give up yet!

  3. You are definitely not running out of interesting things to say - I'm loving your blog! Your little boys are too adorable - i loved that video!!