Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from a President and a monster!

What a fun day we had after a weekend of Halloween adventures!  We got to start our day at a party full of costumes with friends.

Mr. President.  Stephen wanted to be Obama for Halloween this year.  Yes, this is pretty funny for our family but when a Halloween catalog came this year, we had just taught Stephen about Obama. Well, I guess it stuck because he maintained he wanted to be Obama for months.  He even knows Obama is President of the United States. 

Georgie before his costume! 
Our friend Krista made these!  Amazing!

A President with a mustache.
The whole party!
After a nap at home we went out with daddy for some good "trick or treating."  Stephen did great with trick or treating.  After trick or treating at his first home Stephen proclaimed "Lets go home and eat it."  Then at one of the only houses that actually asked him what he was (we had been prepping for this all day) he said he was a "good boy!"  Yes, little guy you certainly are!  All four of us had a great time!

Stephen wore this costume last year!

Trying to get all three of my guys.  Georgie just kept looking at daddy and his crazy mask.

Daddy and Stephen.

G man.

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