Friday, May 20, 2011

A vacation and John Miller gets married!

Steve, Georgie, and I got to enjoy a wonderful vacation in Florida.  We went to Vero Beach for a dear, dear friend's wedding.  What a blast we had.  Originally, we were supposed to go with no kiddos but I had a bit of a hard time coming to grips with the idea of going away without our little guys and the final compromise was that we would take George who is still so dependent on us.  We got to enjoy two date nights and a much needed vacation.  I have to say that the trip was exactly what we needed to say good bye to the winter and welcome some fun!

Beach baby!

 Not such a fan of the water!
Date night!

Stephen and I before the wedding.  The only pictures of the two of us!

So pretty!

John and I.  Unfortunatly, we did not really get any good pictures but we had a great time dancing!  Check out the crazy lady behind us!

Mother's Day flowers from my guys!
We had such a great time and felt honored to have been included in John and Ashley's big day.  What fun to catch up with old friends!

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